Scottish musician, Sean McCole, has always had a very deep investment in his music and throughout his career he has had the privilege and opportunity to work with some of todays biggest names as a session musician. Touring the world and performing in front of thousands of people became part of his weekly routine and this helped him fully realise his passion for performing live music.

What we now know as Sean Vs The Robots, started off as a modest bedroom studio project and has graciously evolved over the years from experiments with 8-bit samples, broken ghetto blasters and acoustic guitars to something far more complex and accomplished.

Over the past 12 months, the musical activity of Sean Vs The Robots has been positively sparse and the rumours that Sean had decided to discontinue writing and performing had started to permeate throughout the local music scene.

The end is far from near…

SVTR have undergone a transformation with the addition of bassist, Scott Irving and drummer, Craig Flint and this development promises to deliver a bulkier, more powerful and dynamic live performance and sound. The new outfit have been busy re-working some of the original SVTR back catalogue and they are presently working on new material which will certainly exhibit an interesting new chapter for the band.

With influences ranging from anarchic electronic acts and their glittering ambient soundtracks to mammoth stadium rock bands and their anthemic grandeur, SVTR creates a colourful blend of distorted rock guitar hooks peppered with spells of electro-synthesis.


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